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Animals In Balance Website & Logo

Animals In Balance Custom Squarespace Website

This custom website and rebrand encompasses everything that is possible with the marketing tools we have at our disposal today.

First, we did a complete rebrand of Animals In Balance—a new logo, new color pallet, and messaging.

The layout of this website was critical because it needed to combine two separate services. One for “Animals In Balance” and one for “Humans In Balance”. While the services are similar for both humans and animals, the target audience is a bit different. Someone wanting animals sessions may not be interested in human sessions, and vise versa.

What really makes this website special is the playfulness. Everywhere you go there are little surprises. A lot of care went into the small details of this website to reflect the brand and optimize it for the best user experience possible. This is a site that truly sparkles!

Animals In Balance
Animals In Balance Logo

Lynn Wolf




Custom UX website design & development; Branding; Conversion-based copywriting

What was included
  • SEO
  • Backend tools for improved business workflow
  • Training session for self-sufficient client maintenance

The Process

Animals In Balance website: BEFORE
Animals In Balance website: BEFORE
Where we started

The original website was built around 2019. It lacked branding, UX design (user experience), messaging and conversion-based copy, branding, SEO, and more. 

The challenge: Lynn needed a website that her clients could easily comprehend, one that combined her two practices (for humans and animals), and something that she could edit and maintain herself.

Her main goal was to improve the efficiency of her business, as well as to be able to provide a professional website to clients that would be easy to navigate and comprehend.

The Solution

We started out with a full rebrand. Lynn really wanted to keep her original “foal and dog” logo image. So, I modernized the image and turned it into a brand new logo for her. 

In order to create a cohesive brand between the two businesses, we combined  her original Humans In Balance logo with the new Animals In Balance logo to create one main logo. I then created a few secondary versions for various uses.

Next we moved onto messaging. The copy on Lynn’s site needed to be extremely clear. We worked closely on her messaging before building out the website with conversion-based copywriting to ensure the content was easy to understand.

Finally, we began building the website. We created an assets folder with images and icons Lynn resonated with. I built out the wireframe first, wrote the copy, and then filled in the rest of the content.

We wrapped up the design process with a learning session so Lynn could edit and finalize the copy.

Once the website was complete, I optimized it for SEO, synced up her previous domain, and then took care of a few other backend items such as social cards, favicon, analytics, and more.

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