Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that can be an extremely powerful in your digital marketing strategy.  More importantly then just tracking traffic on your website, it can be set up to track behavior on your site. This is critical for making decisions about how well your website is converting, if your digital strategies on other platforms are working for you, and what move to make next.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is free tool by Google. If you have a Google account, you already have a Google Analytics account. They provide you with a piece of code that you can install in your website to begin tracking traffic.

How do I sign up?

You can create a free account on google if you don’t already have one, or log in with your current google account. To get started, go to and it will walk you through the steps!

Getting started with google analytics
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How do I install it in my website?

Most websites make installing google analytics very easy. Once you log in, go to “Admin” at the lefthand bottom side of the screen, and then “Tracking” under “Property”.

Create the code and then copy and paste it into the Google Analytics section of your website. If you are using a website platform such as Wix or Squarespace, this will be in the “settings” area. If you are using WordPress, most themes offer a Google Analytics integration, or plugin such as Yoast will also provide a way to sync the code. You can also contact your web host for further support.

How to find the tracking code in google analytics

Track Your Facebook Ad Results with Facebook Pixel

One of the most important free Facebook advertising tools currently available is Facebook Pixel. This is a unique tracking code that can easily be put in almost any website. Utilizing this tool as part of your digital marketing strategy can help bring a better return on investment (ROI) from your paid ads.

How is Facebook Pixel different than Google Analytics?

If you are using Google Analytics for your website, you will be able to track where your traffic comes from and what page they land on.

However, the standard tracking tools do not show you the full conversation path. It can be extremely helpful to track the exact path of traffic from your Facebook ad all the way through to the conversion on your website, such as a sale.

Learn more about Facebook Pixel

If you want to learn a little more about Facebook Pixel and how it works, click here.

Is it hard to install?

Nope! Not at all. Facebook walks you through every step of the way. They provide instructions for almost all websites. Click here to read through their tutorial.

I’m not currently tracking my website at all, should I be?

Yes, absolutely! All websites should come the ability to paste in a code that lets you track with Google Analytics. Google Analytics can provide a much more comprehensive look at your traffic. I always recommend you install this as soon as you launch your site. Even if you don’t look at the data for years, it will be there later when you are ready to analyze it.

The free Google Analytics tool offers information such as what pages your audience land on, where they come from, how long they spend on a page, bounce rate, real time conversions on a sales page, and much more!

Learn More about Facebook Ads

Here is one more comprehensive article about getting started with Facebook ads.

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