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Common Marketing Terms

What do the abbreviated marketing terms mean?

You’ve probably seen these common business and marketing terms in a workshop, webinar, or Google search. There are many more, but these are the top 9 terms I use with my clients.

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Business to Consumer
The act of selling goods or services directly to the consumer (retail).


Business to Business
The act of selling goods or services from one business to another (wholesale).


Call To Action
Some copy and/or a button that asks the user to take some sort of action (purchase something, sign up for a newsletter, etc).


When you strategically place a CTA and someone takes action (aka converts to an email subscriber, purchases something, follows you on social media, etc).

Email Marketing

The act of strategically marketing to your target audience through a third-party platform such as ConvertKit that allows you to legally manage your emails list (aka, sending marketing emails via Outlook or Apple Mail isn’t legal).


Content that contains useful information for an indefinite amount of time and can be accessed at anytime from your website or a similar platform (such as Youtube).


Return on Investment
The amount of return you are getting vs what you are putting out. If you are spending a lot of money and/or time, what are you making return? Is it worth it? Is it working?


Search Engine Optimization
The act of optimizing your website so you rank higher in the search when someone types in a keyword or key phrase that relates to what you are selling (aka, optimizing your website so you show up on the first page). 


User Experience/User Interface
The way a user interacts with your website or application. This includes things such as easy of navigation, comprehension, and conversion rates.


Key Performance Indicator
This is a metric used to indicate how well your marketing is performing. KPI’s can include any metric tracked on a regular basis that shows you how a marketing strategy is working. As an example, a couple of KPI’s for an email marketing strategy might be the number of new subscriptions, open rate, click through rate (CTR), and number of overall conversions. If you are working on an SEO strategy, you might be tracking new visitors, click throughs, and conversions on your website (usually sales or an initial touch point of some kind).

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