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SEO Webinar Mini-Course

Beyond the Checklist: How to Implement SEO and Optimize Your Website

Are you wondering where to start with SEO?

Beyond the Checklist:
How to Implement SEO and Optimize Your Website

SEO and website optimization can help you reach your target audience online and convert leads into sales.

If SEO has felt overwhelming in the past, bypass the repetitive checklists and monthly fees and learn how to take the next step by implementing a conversion-based strategy that will increase both your traffic and sales.

We will cover actionable steps that are easy understand—complete with screenshots and examples that will make this process accessible for you and your team.


SEO Workshop Durango

Learn what SEO really is and why most traditional SEO approaches drive traffic, but not sales.

Learn how to build a keyword strategy with real examples, keyword search tools, and implementation screenshots.

Learn what makes one website rank higher than another and how you can optimize your website so it ranks on the first page of search results.

Learn at your own pace—go through the video in under an hour, or work on one piece at a time. One-time payment comes with lifetime access to this course content.

Experiences from the community...

"Your session was awesome! I'm taking a class by the State of Colorado on SEO and your session was more informative and helpful then the entire course i'm in!"
SWCO Business Conference
"Thanks Khara! That was one of the best Lunch & Learns I've attended so far. Really appreciated the knowledge and experience shared."
Durango Chamber of Commerce



Get 80% off my Website Audit Mini-Course

Take your website conversions to the next level and get more out of your SEO traffic. Included in this extra course:

  • Diagnose how well your website is converting with the same formula I use with my 1-1 clients
  • Take steps to improve your website conversions with an extensive list of recommendations
  • Get access to my 8-page SEO guide and 90-Minute Be Your Own Website Designer Workshop replay

This add-on is available at checkout.

Durango Website Audit Mini-Course Extra Resources
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