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Thin the Tip
Thin the Tip Logo

Lindabeth Binkley




Graphic Design, Branding

It turns out it takes as much time to make a digital reed as it does a real one. For the non-oboists out there, we oboists spend several hours a day making reeds (this doesn’t even include our practice time). We widdle away on pieces of cane that look like bamboo stalks until we have something that plays an incredibly beautiful note on the oboe. Until it rains. Or doesn’t rain. Or we walk away from the reed desk and come back and nothing plays anymore. Because…we’ve chosen to place our hearts in the care of a plant. 🌱

So….to say that Lindabeth and I had a blast creating these branding and graphic design assets together would be totally true. We laughed a lot! On a more serious note, this logo and infographic project came out top notch for Thin the Tip and will serve her educational studio well for years to come.


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