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Rob Wigley Website & CD Cover

Rob Wigley, Musician
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Website Design & Development;
CD Cover Design

I first met the incredible Rob Wigley in 2019. He came to me needing a website to showcase his debut album. We built his website on Squarespace so it would be easy to manage and designed the branding around his first album Cascade.

This incredible musician and person didn’t stop there. He proceeded to record and produce two more albums! A year or so later Rob and I worked together to put his second album, Entwined, on the website.

When it came time to record his third album, I had the privilege of designing his CD art as well. As a musician myself (in my “other” life), this was a project I had a ton of fun with.

When it came time to update the website, it was clear we also needed to do some rebranding now that there were multiple albums in the mix. In the 2023 redesign, we completely changed the color pallet to be more neutral so the website would better support all three CD covers. We also utilized Squarespace’s new design interface to make the website more modern, fluid, and responsive.

Built to be responsive.

This website was designed to be UX optimized on both desktop and mobile. Elements were perfected to work on any screen size, tablet, and/or mobile device.

CD Cover Art

I designed the cover art for Rob’s third CD, Shadow of a Fading Dream. This project included a 4-panel CD cover, disc, USB drive, 8-page print booklet, and an extended digital booklet. His digital booklets were also used on his online lyrics page.

*Images used in the CD cover design were provided by Rob. The mockup for the CD art is slightly different then the printed version. 

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