How to add a permalink to your WordPress page or post

The easy, quick way to add a permalink (URL) to your page or post

Click or hover on the “+” for more info

1. Open your page or post
2. Highlight your text
3. Click the “link” button
4. Put your URL in the box and hit ENTER
5. Update your page!

Advanced Settings: Get more out of your permalink

Click or hover on the “+” for more info

1. Click on the circle “settings” button
2. Enter your URL or choose from the pages below
3. Edit your permalink text, if you wish
4. Be sure to check the box “open in a new window” if it is an external URL! This will keep open the link in a new window, keeping your site open to your visitor.

Remove a Link

Just put your curser inside your link text and press the “x”.

wordpress remove link

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