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Website FAQ: Where do I start?

I need a website, but where do I start?

If you are needing a new website or considering an upgrade and have no idea where to start, here are a few FAQ’s to help you learn how to build a website and put your mind at ease.

I already have a domain, can I still use it?

Yes! Domains can be transferred from one website to another. If you are going to work with a website designer they will be able to help you transfer your current domain. If you are building a website yourself there are often help articles to walk you through the process.

I don’t have a domain, do I need one first?

No, you don’t need a domain to build a new website. Some platforms offer free domains with the first year of hosting. Many platforms will help you buy a new domain as part of the set-up process. If you are working with a designer they can handle this process for you.

If there is a specific domain you want to reserve and you know it is going to be a while before you build your website, it can be a good idea to purchase that domain through a domain service such as GoDaddy to hang onto it. As mentioned above, it can be used with your website later!

How much do websites cost?

Website prices depend greatly on your needs. This includes, but is not limited to, how many pages, how much content, how many features, etc. Prices typically range from $2,000 to $10,000 for smaller websites, but can be much more then that for big or complex websites.

Don’t worry though, there are options! You can choose from a variety of professional pre-made themes if you are on a budget and have the time to build your own website. I offer a free Squarespace installation service that can get you going with extra perks.

Most designers offer a free quote. This is a chance to talk about your needs and find out what the cost might be. There are no obligations if it doesn’t feel like a good fit. I also offer a free quote option, if you’d like to check in on what your project might cost.

Keep in mind all websites require a monthly hosting fee. This typical ranges from $10-$45 month and is paid to the platform or person you are using to host your website. Domains are fairly cheap and usually around $20/year to renew.

Do I need to hire a designer?

If you are just getting started, have a limited budget, and/or have some time to build your own website, doing it yourself might be a good place to start.

However, if you have a little budget, don’t want to deal with it, and/or don’t have time to build a website, hiring a professional can make the process much easier.

The biggest benefit to hiring a website designer is that you will get a website that converts. In other words, you’ll make more money.

Be sure to look for a website designer that prioritizes a conversion-based design, conversion-based copy, UX (user experience), SEO, and more.

The number one mistake I see on websites is they aren’t built to convert. This means that people land on the website, get confused or frustrated, and leave. This can be due to poor design, poor user experience, lack of mobile design, big blocks of text, slow loading pages, and a number of other factors.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the process but don’t have the budget for a designer, just get started with something! As your business grows you can grow into a new website when the time is right.

Can I edit my own website after it is built by a designer?

Yes, you absolutely can. If your website designer requires you to reach out for every single edit, or if they require a monthly fee, I recommend you look elsewhere. Unless you are needing a very large or complex site, this is usually unnecessary. You can read more about this topic and what to look for in your web designer search.

What platform should I build my website on?

There are a ton of great platforms out there. The platform you choose depends on your needs. If you are planning a DIY website, I recommend starting with Squarespace.

Do I need to know code to build or edit a website?

No, you don’t need to know code to build or edit your website. A little code can be handy when customizing a website, but it’s not necessary unless you have very unique needs.

Now what?

Are you still feeling stuck? Feel free to contact me or request a free quote for more information. I am here to help guide you on those first steps.

If you know you want to DIY your website and are interested in a free installation, start here.

You can also browse more free resources on my tools and templates page or my articles page.

➤ did I miss something? Submit a comment below or contact me and I’ll update this page!

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