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Scheduling Social Media with Apps

As part of an online marketing series, the SWCODA in Durango, Colorado put on a series of several marketing breakout sessions. I was invited to speak about how to get started using a third-party social media scheduling app to improve your social media strategy.

What is a social media scheduling app?

A third party application where you can plan your social media content and schedule it to be posted (for you) at a pre-determined time. This is a platform that is separate from the native platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

Why use a social media scheduling app?

  • Schedule at peak times or when you are unavailable
  • Improve your schedule consistency so you stay in the feeds
  • Better quality control of your content calendar so you reach the right people

What can you do with a social media scheduling app?

  • Plan ahead for holidays and events
  • Schedule in bulk across multiple platforms
  • Collaborate with others
  • Analyze more metrics

Some suggested Platforms for Small Businesses and Individuals:

Q & A

Tune in at the end to hear more about the following:
  • 27:33 How do I set up the e-commerce page on my Instagram?
  • 30:17 Should I post the same content to Instagram and Facebook?
  • 32:17 Is it just trial and error to figure out my audience and the peak time for my audience?
  • 38:19 How many times should I post a week?
Email me if you’d like a copy of the presentation slides.
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