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Logo; Custom Squarespace Website (previously Custom WordPress Website)

This custom Squarespace website for Jennifer Ownby at Ownby Double Reeds is a re-launch of the original e-commerce WordPress website. Since launching the original site a few years ago, Squarespace has changed the game with their new fluid engine page designer. This made the transition effortless!

Jennifer and I love this site, even more than the last one. Not only is the design more fluid, the backend management is 1000 times easier than on WordPress! (Maybe I’m exaggerating…. Probably not!)

She can update products effortlessly, edit content, add events, and so much more without skipping a beat in her busy schedule (did you know making reeds can take several hours a day!?).

As with all custom Squarespace builds, we optimized it for SEO, did a full tutorial on the backend, optimized a separate mobile design, synced it to Google Analytics and Search Console, and tweaked it to perfection.


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