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How to Find When Your Audience is the Most Active on Facebook 2022

Updated 11/17/22

There are several suggestions of best practices for Facebook that include tracking the best times to post. However, nothing will ever be as accurate as tracking your own audience and customers and determining when your audience is the most active on Facebook.

Follow the instructions to below to look at your post activity and use this guide to help you refine what content is working on your page.

As of 2022 the new Facebook business platform no longer tells you exactly when your audience is active (like it used to). But don't worry, I have a recommended work-around for you!

1) Log in and go to your business page

How to find your Facebook business page

Click the arrow in the right-hand top corner to find your business page. As of 2022, you don't just "view" your business profile, you are choosing to interact with Facebook as that profile.

2) Click on "Meta Business Suite"

How to find Facebook insights

Look for "Meta Business Suite" on the left-hand menu. You will find much more extensive insights for your business page here. In addition, if you have your Instagram account connected, you'll be able to see more information on that content as well.

3) Click on “Posts & Stories”

Since Facebook no longer tells you when your audience is most active, we need to find this information another way.

Look for the “Posts & Stories” option from the left-hand menu. Once you click on that you’ll see all of your recent content. If you scroll to the right you’ll see more information about how each post performed.

While this approach may be slightly more time consuming, I recommend you check out this page once a week and note your best content. What posts got the most likes, shares, and general engagement? What day and time were they posted? Do you see a trend?

This can be tracked on a Google sheet or Excel Sheet. The good news is, you don’t need to spend much time on this. Just track until you see some trends. That is all you need!

How to find when your facebook audience is active

4) Schedule Posts using Meta Business Suite for active times

How to schedule posts for active times on Facebook 2023

Another work around is to use Meta Business Suite to schedule your posts.

  1. log into Meta Business Suite
  2. click on "schedule post"
  3. Look for the "active times" box or click "schedule" and Meta will show you three active times from the past 7 days.
While this doesn't paint a full picture, it can help you choose active times if you are scheduling something for the next few days.

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