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What is Marketing?

Build your Marketing Foundation

The term “Marketing” can be a bit elusive. One of the biggest mistakes I see business owners jump right into lead generation (aka social media posts, emails, blogs, ads, SEO, and etc). However, if you are trying to get the word out but feel like it isn’t working, here are a few things you can do to build a more effective marketing foundation.

#1: big picture goals

Imagine you buy a puzzle. There is a picture on the front of the box. This is your goal.

In business, your goal might look something like:

  • “I want to make x-amount of money”
  • “I want to sell x-amount of products”
  • “I want to grow my business by x-% this year”

#2: marketing strategy

Based on what you want, what do you need to do to get there?

If you are putting together a puzzle it’s nice to start with the edges. In marketing, think of this as your foundation.

Start with your business plan:

  • Is your website converting?
  • Do you know what pain points your target audience identifies with?
  • Do you have a professional brand?
  • Have you spent time on your message)?
  • Etc.

If you need help getting started, check out my free lean business plan template that will walk you through this whole process.

#3: lead generation

Once you have a foundation and a strategy, you can start building out the pieces.

In marketing this would be lead generation. Aka driving traffic to your website and/or store.

This could include things such as…social media marketing, email campaigns, ads, SEO, and much more.

Is working with a marketing consultant a good next step for you?

It might be if you need help with the following:

▶ identifying your big picture goals
▶ reverse-engineering your goals to create a custom marketing strategy that you know will work
▶ using real data to track your results to ensure your success

If you’d like some help digging into this further, fill out my free quote form to share some more information with me. By reaching out, there is no obligation to services and I won’t add you to an email list. This is just a way for me to learn more about your needs and provide some suggestions on first steps.

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