Just getting started on Instagram? One of the hardest parts is launching your first 20 Instagram photos and building some initial momentum.

1. Start with a high quality photo

High quality, interesting photos and video are key on instagram. Depending on your audience, you may be able to add in quotes and other images. You can get great results with the camera on your smartphone, just be sure to use a lot of natural light and edit your photo before posting.

2. Edit your photo if needed

You can use a free app like Snapseed to edit your photo. This might include boosting the exposure (to make it lighter), cropping the image, or changing the white balance.

Download for iPhone
Download for Android

Use an app to edit your photos for social media

3. Put a filter on your photo

Adding filters to your images can help improve brand identity and make your photos more interesting, plus they are fun!

How using a filter can make your images more effective.

Use an app to add a filter

There are a ton of free apps that let you add filters, text, and other elements to your photos before you post them.

Using free apps to add filters to your photos.
Example of Snapseed filters.

Use Instagrams built-in filters

Alternatively, you can use one of Instagrams built in filters just after you upload your photo and get ready to post it

Using Instagram's built in filters.

4. Use Hashtags!!

Equally important to a visually appealing photo or video are the use of hashtags! These help new people find your account. Think of them as keywords in Instagrams internal search engine.

How to choose hashtags

To get started, just choose some hashtags (keywords) relevant to your brand. You can also look at other profiles in your field and see what hashtags they are using.

Where to use hashtags in your post

After you type your description, enter a period or dash and hit the space bar. This will push the hashtags down a line so they don’t crowd your description.

Where to put hashtags in your Instagram post

5. Location and other features

If you are a local business, adding your location in on individual posts is essential. Before you post your photo there are options to add your location and share on other platforms.

Schedule your posts

Creating content ahead of time can save you a tremendous amount of time and keep you on a regular posting schedule. For Instagram I recommend Buffer or Later.

Other Tips

  • Set your profile as “business” to add an address, contact details, and see analytics.
  • Include a brief description in your bio to tell people who you are.
  • Use a service like linktr.ee to turn your bio link into multiple links.
  • Engage with other users (like, comment, follow) to encourage people to like you back and build your audience.

How to share your location and post your photo on other social accounts.

6. Need to edit the description after you post your photo?

Just click the “…” in the righthand top corner of your post and you’ll be given an option to edit your post, tag users, and add a location.

Making changes to your Instagram post

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