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Erin Neer, Founder




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The Challenge

Founder Erin Neer developed LODGINRevs, a sister product of MUNIRevs, because she found the lodging industry lacked an easy tax collection system.

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Graphic Design

As a 2017 SCAPE company, Erin and I first began working together extensively on graphic design projects.

Finding Investors

As the company began to grow, finding investors was a key component. We worked together on dozens of power point presentations to ensure a clear message.


Over a three-year period, projects expanded and included CRM organization, email funnels, branding, content creation, white paper editing and layout, website management, marketing consultations and more.

Data Driven Results
The Solution

In 2019 Erin called me about designing another investor presentation. We had already done a few investor presentations at this point and numerous graphic design and marketing projects, all carefully branded and laid out for optimal clarity. A few days later I received the exciting news that LODGINGRevs had won the that bid.

This was a pivotal moment that helped the platform grow nationally. By 2020 the company had grown quite a bit and I worked with Erin to transition the company into a full-time marketing employee. 

LODGINGRevs and MUNIRevs continued to grow exponentially. In 2021 the company sold to GovOS! (GovOS website pictured)

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