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Select Website Resources, Graphic Design, Branding, Marketing is designed and maintained by IDRS

Disclaimer: Javier Guerrero Benavente of Gueben in Spain designed the new IDRS logo and logo lettering featured in some of the mockup examples. The 50th anniversary logo redesign also uses the original logo and lettering designed by Gueben.

The Challenge

The IDRS needed to update their website, marketing, branding, and communications in 2018 to continue growing. I worked with them as both a staff member and freelance designer from 2018-2021, and then stayed on as a freelance consultant in 2021.

The Big Overhaul

In 2018 the society completely overhauled their website and branding. As a freelance consultant, I consulted on the new logo design, built communication templates, and was one of the front-end designers on the new website.

Page Layout

In 2019 I was contracted to work with Ed Craig as a graphic designer for page layout on the IDRS quarterly journal, The Double Reed. We collaborated on this graphic design print project from 2019-2022. Leading into the 50th, I designed the anniversary year marketing logo and banner collateral.

Website Resources

In 2020 the society had to act quickly due to COVID. I built the website platform for their first Virtual Symposium, a 5-day online event. Additionally, I was the front-end designer on the fingering project, the new online marketplace, and other back-end portals.

Data Driven Results
The Solution

From 2018-2021 the society saw a 400% increase in online visibility. Their member numbers increased by almost 1,000+ new members from 2,500 to almost 4000.

As a freelance consultant, I helped them implement over a dozen new website resources for member and community growth, and numerous other backend website updates. The IDRS was able to move forward into their 50th anniversary year with a strong foundation that carried them through a time of online and offline transitions.

IDRS 50th Logo Design


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