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Alissa Wolf Music
Alissa Wolf Music Logo

Alissa Wolf, Fiddle


2013  & 2023


Logo; Custom Squarespace Website (previously Custom WordPress Website)

Alissa’s original website was one of my all-time favorite designs, but it was on WordPress. This meant it was difficult to update and maintain. Alissa is a full-time touring musician, so she needed to be able to get into her website and easily make edits from the road without skipping a beat (couldn’t resist the pun!).

We moved her website over to Squarespace so that she could effortlessly maintain her new website! This was also a chance to modernize the website, add in new features, and completely rebrand her as an artist.

This custom website design features everything a touring musician needs—videos, images/galleries, media and audio samples, Soundcloud embeds, tour schedule, recent press, information about her services as a recording artist and educator, and much more.

The best part is the Squarespace platform will allow her to grow her website as she grows as a musician. Later down the road she can add to her press kit, embed PDF’s, sell merch or online courses, and much more. Included in this website design was basic SEO optimization, Google Analytics, Search Console, separate mobile optimized design, social media buttons, email marketing integration, and a complete editing tutorial!


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