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Freelance Creatives
marketing services tailored for freelance creators

Your creative freelance business is unique. Your marketing plan should be too.

If you are taking money for a service, you are a business owner.

You just need to hustle more to make more money.

You are a creative or in the service business so a savings account is probably just never going to happen.

You have financial and business goals but no idea where to start.

Why hire a marketing consultant
How marketing & design services can help your CREATIVE BUSINESS

The term “Marketing” can include a long list of items that can have a tremendous impact on your business.

Clarifying what your goals are and figuring out what to do next can be very confusing and overwhelming. If you aren’t quite sure what to do, you may risk wasting valuable money with no return.

I have proven methods from over a decade of experience to map out exactly what you need, put your plan into action, and help you track your success.

Don’t just throw darts in the dark…invest in a strategy that you know will work.


Just hit the “start” button above to fill out my free quote form and let me know where you are at in your business. We’ll put together a custom package based on your needs and budget.

Yes, I work remotely from Durango, Colorado. All 1-1 meetings will take place on Zoom (or over the phone, if you prefer). I recommend using the free Voxer messaging app for communications, but we can also work exclusively through email if you like. If you are local, we can do our meetings in-person too.

Yes, I accept credit cards, PayPal, or check. I process credit cards securely through Square payments.

While many boast about a flexible schedule and working from a tropical location, I feel the greatest reward in working as a creative freelancer is having the freedom of choice.

As a freelancer, you are also business owner. I know because I’ve been there.

Before I built my freelance businesses I worked various part-time retail and admin jobs, including a full 9-5 for several years—and I hated it. The same set hours, working for someone else (can we get a hand-raise for difficult personalities?), being asked to do tasks outside your job description (one of my bosses once asked me to call his plumber for him?? ew!), and working for minimum wage. It was exhausting because it did not provide a livable wage and I didn’t enjoy the work I was doing.

I “escaped” by going back to school in 2010 to finish my music degree, only to graduate with a huge “now what?” hanging over my head a couple years later.

I decided I needed something that was flexible, scalable, and remote so it would work WITH my music career, not against it.

I learned via trial and error, and through some excellent mentors, how to build a sustainable creative freelance business that could provide me with a full-time income (and yay, I’m so grateful to have been desk-job free for nearly 10 years now!).

But…it wasn’t easy to get started. Freelance has it’s struggles and I was a couple years in and applying for full-time desk jobs when things finally took off.

The most important elements I found were having a flexible suite of services that could be adjusted depending on the economic climate, and a long-term marketing strategy so I didn’t have to be constantly seeking new leads.

There is an overwhelming list of items just to get started though, so I designed this coaching program to answer your questions about some of the freelancing myths and concerns, and work with you step-by-step on the strategies you need to succeed.

So go ahead, call in your passion, and your power, and lets strategically build you a business that supports your lifestyle, joy, and wellness.


If you are looking for a jump start, look no further. Get clarity on your business goals and plan a marketing strategy with my free lean business plan.

Getting started doesn’t need to be complicated. Use this free template to clarify your audience, plan your marketing strategy, track revenue streams, and more. Includes professional tips!

Durango Lean Business Plan template

*requires a free Trello account

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