7 Tips for Successfully Building Your Freelance Business

In today’s competitive freelance industry, online marketing is oversaturated. It is important to find something special that will set you, or your business, apart. Therefore, consider focusing part of your content marketing towards your niche while still keeping your business open to as many different types of clients as possible.

1. Be versatile, but be an expert

Keep in mind “a jack of all trades is a master of none”. So, it is important to be as versatile as possible to increase potential projects. However, only take on as many different skill sets as you can master.

2. Build your online portfolio

First, build a high quality, professional online portfolio. You can use a service like Behance, which offers a free social portfolio and website platform. Another option is customizing a template on a Content Management System website. This is good option if you are still learning code.

3. Build your online identity

Start a twitter account, business Facebook page, LinkedIn, or other social accounts. Only build one or two social media platforms at a time. Finally, start with those you are the most comfortable with. A small amount of high quality content will have more of an impact then a large amount of low quality posts.

4. Have something to say

This is your online identity after all. Therefore, it is important to create a professional voice and a unique vision for yourself, and your brand.

4. Build your network

It is important to build your network on, and offline. Don’t be afraid to make cold calls. Look for organizations or business that might not know about you.

5. Be professional

It may seem like a small detail, but professional etiquette is critical to being hired again (and being referred via word of mouth). Be prompt with email and phone responses, use correct grammar at all times, and make deadlines. Your work, and your work ethic, will proceed you.

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