How to Improve Smartphone Time Management

I was in the middle of a music practice session this week and grabbed my smartphone to record an excerpt as part of my regular practice routine. I was a bit taken back when I suddenly realized (10 minutes later), that I had just checked my email, text, and even a social media account before hitting the “record” button.

It’s simple. Whatever you use your phone for, time spent on your phone is time you are not spending in the practice room (or wherever you are trying to put your focus).

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7 Ways To Find The One Thing You Love

What is the one thing you love?

Some of us are searching for it. Some of us know what “it” is, and we are trying to hold onto it.

During a lunch conversation with an old friend the other day I started thinking about how to define a “calling”.

We talked about one of his former students from a long time ago. This kid was a master of graphic design.

At first I thought his student was just a prodigy. One of those naturally talented superstars. But as we talked, I came to learn he worked for it. Yes, he was talented, but he was all consumed by his passion for design and never lost focus on this single goal.

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