7 Reasons Your Website Might Be Costing You Business

These 7 big (and common) website mistakes might be affecting how well your website is performing and could be costing you business. Your website can, and should, work hard for you. I see you there. You are working hard to make sure people are getting to your website from social media posts, email campaigns, and other sources. How well is your website converting? In other words, how much of that website traffic is making a purchase, opting into your freebie, or sending you an email about your services? Likely, not as much as you’d like!

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Show Up First in a Local Search with Google My Business

Google My Business is often one of the most overlooked tools for driving local SEO traffic (local search traffic). If you are a freelance creative or small business owner that has a local address, this should be an essential part of your SEO strategy. Even if you don’t have a listed street address (if you work remotely), setting up a profile can still help.

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Professional Social Media Photos in 3 Easy Steps

There are several ways to approach photo editing for social media images:

  1. If you prefer to work from a desktop, you could batch-process large amounts of photos with a program such as Adobe Lightroom.
  2. However, if you prefer to capture images as you go from your smart phone and get them uploaded as quickly as possible, you can also get professional looking images using a photo editing app on your phone.

In this article, I share how I edit my photos for social media. There are a number of ways to do this, but I’ve found there are a couple of key elements that can make your photos look much better with very little editing time.

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Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy with Google Analytics

Marketing with Google Analytics is free and can be an extremely powerful tool in your digital marketing strategy.  More importantly then just tracking traffic on your website, it can be set up to track behavior on your site. This is critical for making decisions about how well your website is converting, if your digital strategies on other platforms are working for you, and what move to make next.

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How to Use Strong Images in Your Digital Strategy

Image Marketing Strategy: What you need to know before you put your images on the web

Most of the advertising we do today is digital. Whether its for your website or an email campaign, a professional digital strategy has become a critical piece of effective online marketing. These are some of the best resources to help you find, edit, and prepare your images for the internet.

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