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3 marketing Tools I’m digging in 2023

Reaching your target audience online in 2023 with some of the best marketing tools.

1) Meta Business Suite (social media scheduling)

If you are looking for some of the best marketing tools in 2023, I have always found scheduling social media posts on your business accounts to improve efficiently dramatically.

These apps help you post on a regular basis, allow you to experiment with peak times, and reduce the time you spend on social media (that isn’t productive).

If you are primarily using Facebook and Instagram, I recommend checking out the Meta Business Suite. This is free and available to all Facebook and Instagram users.

I started using it at the end of 2022 and have found it is surprisingly easy to use. Plus, it offers a ton of free features other platforms charge for. As a bonus, the calendar tracks items you post in real-time too so you can see a good overall picture of your efforts each month.

If you are on a variety of platforms (including TikTock or Pinterest), you might want to check out Their free plan will give you a taste of what scheduling can do for you. If you have a bigger budget for monthly fees, definitely spend some time researching all options too.

2) Square Payments

I started using Square in 2022 and it has been fantastic. It has allowed me to provide an online payment option for my clients, deposits money automatically, and can send invoices directly from the platform.

If you are infested in setting it up, use my affiliate link. We will both get zero credit card fees on $1000!

3) Squarespace (website builder)

Squarespace came out with a brand new drag-and-drop builder in 2022 and it has not disappointed. It still remains my preferred platform to build websites on for clients.

While I do use WordPress or Shopify when needed, for most clients Squarespace has it all. As a designer I can build anything. This means I can deliver a conversion-based design optimized for UX (user experience).

For my clients and the DIY editors, it so super easy to use. I’ve never had a client struggle to update their own site. If you are DIY-ing your site, there are started templates and dozens of pre-built sections to choose from.

Squarespace is also expanding their business tools. You can send email campaigns directly from the backend, create social media posts with their Unfold connection, sell e-commerce products, build membership areas, and a ton more.

Need a new website in 2023?

▻ Get a free installation with an extended 6-month trial with my free setup service.

▻ Or, reach your target audience this year with flexible options for a custom website built with conversion-based copy, branding, SEO, and a UX optimized design.

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