How to find when your audience is the most active on Facebook

There are several suggestions of best practices for Facebook that include best times to post. However, nothing will ever be as accurate as tracking your own audience and customers.

Follow the instructions to below to look at your post activity. Results are displayed for a 1-week period, so I recommend visiting a few times to collect data over a month or so.

My page views and post engagement improved significantly after tracking these statistics and adjusting my posting times. You can also use this guide to help you track post engagement and reach to further refine what content is working on your page.

1) Log in and go to your business page

Find your business page

2) At the top, click on “Insights”

Find your Facebook insights

3) Click on “Posts” on the lefthand menu bar

You’ll see the average views per day for a one week period.

Click on "posts" to see when your fans are online

If you hover over a day, you can compare that day vs time. For example, the best time for me to post based on this week is Sunday at 8 am.

Hover over a day to see the best time to post on that day

4) Post engagement and reach.

If you scroll down on that page you’ll see information for you best posts, including reach and post clicks.

Scroll down the posts insights page to see reach and engagement

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Khara Wolf is a freelance graphic designer, digital marketing strategist, and the owner of Khara Wolf Design. With a focus on marketing, Khara is passionate about providing educational resources as part of her business. She is a professional oboist, professor at Fort Lewis College, and just a little obsessed with chickens.