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I have complied some of the most frequently asked questions, including a bit about general pricing. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please always feel free to contact me with any questions you have!

What do you charge?

There are several variables that affect the price of a project. Because I also offer a large variety of services, I’ve chose not to create a price list on my website. However, my rates are competitive and affordable. Clients can choose to run their projects based on an hourly rate, or on a pre-determined budget.

I will always start out by talking to you about your goals, and budget. Once we determine I am a good fit for your project, I’ll submit a formal proposal prior to beginning the project.

What does the process look like?

We will start with a quick conversation over the phone or email. I’ll ask some questions, and also answer any you may have. Once we decide to proceed I’ll email a standard contract prior to getting started. Projects can usually be handled over email, but we also can schedule phone consultations or meetings.

If you have hired me to build a website, the one hour training session will be conducted at the end in person (if you live in the area).

How do I design a logo?

You may be trying to decide if you need to hire someone for your logo design. The first question I ask my clients is whether or not your logo is for business or personal use. There are online services that offer cheap logos, but their design will be standard and simple. If you would like something custom, you’ll need to hire a professional graphic designer that can work to build your brand identity.

If you already have an idea of what you might want your logo to look like, I will take help you take the next step. Plenty of clients have no idea what they want, and that is ok too! I will talk to you about your company, your brand, your budget, and then provide several logo ideas to start the process.

How do I build a website?

The best way to get started with a new website is to consider everything you need that website to accomplish. A self-hosted website (like WordPress) will provide a lot more features then a hosted site (like Wix or Weebly). If you just need a personal site with limited features, a hosted website is fairly easy to get started with.

However, if you are creating a business website, or feel you would benefit from some of the most common website tools currently available, you’ll want to look into a self-hosted site. A self-hosted website, like, can still be built and maintained by the user, but they are far more customizable! Depending on what you need out of your website, and how comfortable you are with the platform, you’ll probably want to hire a professional. My WordPress and website consultation services, will ensure your site is built correctly, and will include everything you need to get the most out of your website.

What website services do you offer?

I offer website consultations, installation and set up with DIY training, and CMS design.

With several years of front-end WordPress and CMS (content management system) website development, I can help to balance your vision and function requirements with a design that will last. One of my website packages or a general consultation will save you money and help you to build a truly unique online presence.

What digital and print services do you offer?

I offer a full range of graphic design for digital and print advertising. Projects can include, but are not limited to, business cards, flyers, posters, brochures, and ads.

How do I use social media marketing to grow my business?

If you are looking to grow your business through social media, I can help you build your marketing plan. Whether you are looking to grow your current online following, or just get started, we will look at what platforms are best suited for your business and target audience. I also will go through the current best practices for target growth and help you explore all your options. Services that you may like to incorporate could be building your email list, advertising your webinars, and improving SEO and website traffic.

Do you work remotely?

Yes, I do. I’ve worked with clients from all over the United States. Most projects can be handled over the phone or email anyway, but if you are local I also enjoy getting to know who you are and meeting in person too.

Do I have to be a client to receive free educational materials?

No! Anyone can join my email list where I send out free educational resources. I’ll never share or use your information. You’ll only receive emails with new articles and relevant educational information.

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